(After I finish my homework...)

  1. Deposit money into Credit Union
  2. Pay bills
  3. Call the brilliant, helpful people at DirectTV
  4. Ask about the $24 charge for the "free" replacement
  5. Get them to mail a UPS Return Label, or pre-arrange a pickup
  6. Box up and return the rebuilt, dead, flawed set-top box
  7. Ask for a complete triple-check of my programming list
  8. Ask that they NOT erase my account details this time
I'm beginning to wonder if that 30-year-old rooftop TV antenna would still pull in local channels, and what would life be like with only five channels, and no HBO or CNN or History Channel or Digital Video Recorders?

Hmm.. I wonder - If I have a second phone line for incoming fax reception, and I've gotten one fax per month, am I nuts?

I wonder what happens if I try to send or receive a fax using Skype? Could I try this from the PC downstairs, using Microsoft Fax software, to the 'real' fax machine upstairs? Would the following stuff make the modem 'whistle' into Skype's microphone? There's gotta be a way - maybe this could be the Next Big Thing?

electronic schematic diagram photo of pushbuttons image of toggle switches in a 12 by 12 matrix

(Photos found at

Somehow, I feel that someone else already invented that wheel...